Vaccination rates plummet in regional Queensland

VACCINATION rates crumble in parts of regional Queensland, the failure of a pro-vaccination bill this week has had the government labelled "pig headed" by the Opposition.

The Labor bill from shadow health minister Jo-Ann Miller would have forced parents against vaccinations to visit a general practitioner to discuss the potential risks of their decision before begin given a "conscientious objector" letter.

Without this letter, childcare centres could refuse access to unvaccinated children.

Despite being described as "noble" by Health Minister Lawrence Springborg on Wednesday night, the bill was crushed without LNP support.

A Parliamentary Committee considering the bill recommended it not be passed.

The bill divided the Parliament, earning support from Sunshine Coast independent Peter Wellington but not convincing Gladstone independent Liz Cunningham.

The two Katter's Australian Party MPs Shane Knuth and Ray Hopper opposed it while the two United Australian Party gave its support.

The Sunshine Coast and its hinterland has among the lowest levels of vaccination in the country.

During the debate on Wednesday night, Mr Springborg said there was no proof the laws would work but was "a noble idea in many ways".

"It is wrong to say that, as part of an approach, the exclusion of unvaccinated children would work effectively; to date it has not worked in other places," he said.

On Thursday, Ms Miller said it should have been "a no-brainer" to support.

"It is a proposal supported by the medical profession, by the health committee and by the vast majority of Queenslanders, but not one member of the LNP had the guts to stand up for children when it came to the vote," she said.