The All-Star snub was hard on Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert. Picture: AP
The All-Star snub was hard on Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert. Picture: AP

Savage Warriors mock All-Star tears from snubbed star

UTAH Jazz star Rudy Gobert had as much of a right as anyone to feel snubbed after the NBA All-Star team was announced.

The 26-year-old Frenchman is the NBA's reigning defensive player of the year and having a standout season, posting career-high averages in points and rebounds.

The star couldn't hide his disappointment.

"It was a rough night, my mum called me crying," Gobert said in a posting on the club website. "It was tough."

Gobert turned off his television and admitted he felt disrespected and frustrated by the All-Star snub.

"I was surprised," he said. "We all know how the league works, the direction the league is heading to. I thought there was a chance I might not make it, but just surprised."

Gobert has not yet made an All-Star team in his six-year NBA career.

"I think it's disrespectful. I feel disrespected," he  said. "It's disrespectful not only toward me but toward the team, the organisation and toward the game.

"Because all the coaches preach about defence. Every day they talk about defence, they talk about how important it is to get stops in order to win basketball games.

"And when it's time to vote, they don't reward the best defensive player in the world."

As he continued to speak, Gobert became more and more emotional, before covering his face with his hand and walking off.

There could be good reason for the tears - Gobert will reportedly miss out on a $1 million bonus for not being selected in the All-Star game.

Utah Jazz president Steve Starks stood up for Gobert on Twitter.

But two people who didn't feel bad for Gobert were Golden State Warriors pair Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala.

Green is a three-time All-Star and Iguadala has made the show once. They put Gobert's tears to the sword, taking to Twitter to mercilessly mock the Jazz star.

Gobert hit back in a since-deleted tweet, retweeting a Twitter account that said to Green: "Like you cried in the parking lot for KD?"

The tweet refers to a now infamous story that Green called Durant and the Warriors' front office from his car immediately after Golden State lost game seven in the 2016 Finals.

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