Peter Wellington quizzed acting CMC chair Ken Levy on the length of investigations.
Peter Wellington quizzed acting CMC chair Ken Levy on the length of investigations. Cade Mooney

'Unexpected paths' stretch out big-case probes for CMC

THE acting head of Queensland's corruption watchdog claims investigations into high-profile figures took a long time because investigators were often sent up unexpected paths.

Nicklin MP Peter Wellington had told acting CMC chair Ken Levy the length of investigations was "one of the most common complaints" he heard and asked whether resourcing issues were delaying finalisation.

"It's not because of resourcing," Mr Levy said.

"Those ones, they do get off the trail a little bit sometimes because some people make other allegations along the way."

Mr Levy said also there were delays as investigators had to regularly respond to Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee questions.

He said the commission would monitor "more closely these small numbers of sensitive matters" to identify any efficiency issues.

"Certainly, the timeline to deal with those is of concern to me and the commission," he said.

Mr Levy said he also looking at other timeline issues within the CMC, noting NSW was dealing with its cases inside 12 months, even those involving public hearings.

"So that is our aim," he said.

Mr Levy said the highly anticipated Michael Caltabiano investigation should be finalised inside two months.

Mr Caltabiano, who Premier Campbell Newman hand-picked as director-general for the Transport Department, in being investigated for appointing then-arts minister Ros Bates' son to a senior position within the department.

He was stood down on full pay last October and then sacked in February.

An earlier estimates hearing this week revealed Mr Caltabiano received more than $650,000 for the nine months he was in the government's employ.

"It is a complex matter that has some other matters which are being looked at concurrently, but it is in its final stages," Mr Levy said.

"I think in a couple of months time we should be expecting it to draw to a close."

Mr Levy said 25 positions were removed in the past financial year but they had no impact because they were vacant positions kept open until a CMC review was complete.