What an amazing find - retrieving a lost fishing rod with a surprise bonus.
What an amazing find - retrieving a lost fishing rod with a surprise bonus.

Unbelievable catch reels in double delight

IT seemed too good to be true, especially in the strong river current.

We've all heard about the one that got away. This amazing story centres on the one that was hooked and landed with a surprise catch - after initially giving up.

The unbelievable recovery effort came about when enjoying a session at the mouth of the Burrum River. Being close to the open waters of Hervey Bay, the currents flow at a decent speed either side of the calm changes between high and low tides.

On this fishing outing, not much was happening chasing a feed of bream and flathead off a little point notorious for its underwater snags.

After casting out his line, my dad proceeded to the back of our half cabin boat hoping to place his fishing rod in the plastic holder near the outboard motor.

The intention was to then settle back under the canopy and watch for a bite.

However, he never got that far. Instead of successfully placing the rod in its usual spot, he accidentally dropped it overboard.

One of his favourite rod and reel combinations was suddenly in the surging current.

Desperate to retrieve his gear, he loaded up another line with large hooks and big sinkers to try and snare it before the precious apparatus washed away.

However, the effort was fruitless with no sign of the rod and reel that slipped into the water.

My dad gave up the fight and settled back using another fishing set-up, careful not to drop it overboard too.

However, about 10 minutes later while fishing in the same snaggy location, something remarkable happened as he reeled in his line.

To his tremendous delight, he had somehow snagged some fishing line which was attached to his beloved rod and reel.

Carefully pulling in the line, the sunken equipment re-emerged wet but none the worse for its estuarine escape.

However, the best part was winding in the rest of the line to discover a sizeable bream hooked on the other end.

It provided an incredible release and catch (not catch and release) story that will live on long in the family fishing adventures.

This article is part of the Queensland Times Fishy Tales series, a collection of stories about unusual or exceptional fishing adventures.