Anthony Joshua wanted none of it. Picture: Getty Images
Anthony Joshua wanted none of it. Picture: Getty Images

Fury savages Joshua over championship 'disgrace'

TYSON Fury has labelled Anthony Joshua's shocking loss to Andy Ruiz Jr a "disgrace" and claimed his rival should "never show his face in public again".

Joshua, 29, suffered a stunning loss on Saturday as 25-1 underdog Ruiz claimed the unified heavyweight titles with a seventh round stoppage in Joshua's US debut.

Despite flooring Ruiz in the third, Joshua was twice dropped himself in the same round and failed to recover as the challenger systematically broke the Brit down with body shots and combinations.

The historic win was completed in round seven as Joshua was left on his hands and knees twice more before the fight was waved off - and Fury told ESPN that AJ was "bladdered".

Fury said: "He'll never live it down, can you imagine?

"You're built like an Adonis, you're six-foot-six, you're ripped, carved in stone, and a little fat man who has eaten every Snickers and Mars bar in California comes in there and bladders you all over? What a disgrace.

"If that was me, I would never show my face in public ever again."

Fury's stinging attack marks a massive U-turn as he had been quick to console his rival in the immediate aftermath of Saturday's shock result.

The Gypsy King tweeted: "We have our back and Forth's but @anthonyfjoshua changed his stars through life. heavyweight boxing, these things happen, rest up, recover, regroup and come again."

Ruiz's win dethroned Joshua of his WBA, IBF and WBO titles and sent shockwaves through the boxing world.


Promoter Eddie Hearn announced Joshua's shot at redemption would land in November or December, The Sun reports.

However, Fury tips the 120kg Snickers-loving Ruiz to again conquer Joshua, predicting the chubby Mexican-American with fast hands has the style to "always beat AJ".

Fury said: "I looked at Joshua and I seen that he didn't want to be in the ring on the night. He was looking away he had other things on his mind.

"From round one I could see what was going to happen. I looked at Joshua and he didn't have no water, no sweat walking into the ring, I thought this guys is going to get knocked out.

"This was before the fight started it happened, and I knew he couldn't box that style.

"(Joshua's) style and (Ruiz Jr's) style aren't made to go together and Andy will always beat AJ in my opinion."

It was reported Joshua pocketed $A36 million for his unsuccessful US debut with Ruiz landing himself a $A9 milllion payday.

Despite urging AJ never to leave his house, and predicting Ruiz would always beat the Brit, Fury praised Joshua for his success in the ring - admitting he was no "failure".

He said: "The way I see it, Joshua has done very well for himself out of boxing.

"He came from nowhere, he came out of the gutter, brought up with no money, he changed his stars and changed his life.

"He's probably worth $70 million (US), he's done well in his life and career. He's been the heavyweight champion of the world. If that's a failure then I don't know what isn't a failure.

"He's definitely done well in his career, but everybody bumps into that one person that can knock them out any time.

"Unfortunately for AJ, it was the little fat fella from California who chinned him."

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