Mackay police arrest and charge crime spree alleged

Two-week east coast crime spree ends in Mackay

DETECTIVES have charged a Sarina man with more than 50 offences over an alleged two week crime spree stretching from Mackay to Cairns.

Police allege the 21 year old caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and is linked to incidences including the ram raid at Mackay Kawasaki and an armed robbery at knifepoint.

Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Tim Heller said the man's arrest on Friday afternoon following a police pursuit in North Mackay has already resulted in a drop in crime.

"(It) was a significant arrest by police and detectives," Det Snr Sgt Heller, of Mackay Criminal Investigation Branch, said.

"That was the result of a crime series that spanned from the Mackay District, along the coast north to Cairns."


The damage left behind at Mackay Kawasaki after thieves used a stolen red LandCruiser to ram and raid the store and steal a motorbike.
Police allege the 21 year old caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and is linked to incidences including the ram raid at Mackay Kawasaki

The man was charged with 51 offences including armed robbery, 12 counts of break and enter, 10 counts of car theft, 12 counts of stealing, six counts of dangerous driving, two counts of evade police, four counts of attempted break and enter, as well as wilful damage, attempted burglary, obstruct police and possessing stolen property.

"This crime series spanned across approximately two weeks. There was some tireless and dedicated work from the Mackay CIB detectives that went into investigating this crime series," Det Act Snr Sgt Heller said.

This involved tracking the man's movements along the coast, he said.

On the man's return to Mackay, "some swift action by police and detectives" led to the apprehension, he said.

Det Snr Sgt Heller praised the officers who put the crime series together.

Police said the first offence was the theft of a red Toyota LandCruiser at Andergrove while two dogs were inside the vehicle.

"That vehicle was then involved in a number of subsequent offences, one of which was the break and enter to the Kawasaki shop," Det Snr Sgt Heller said.

"There's also the stealing of a work vehicle at the Ring Road works at Glenella and it will be alleged that this offender has committed that offence also."

He said police alleged that vehicle was involved in a number of offences north along the coast to Cairns.

Another offence police allege the man committed is the stealing of a vehicle at knifepoint at a motel in West Mackay on March 16.

Det Snr Sgt Heller said the arrest had already had an immediate impact on crime in Mackay including car thefts and break and enters.

"We've seen that already since Friday there's been a significant reduction in crime," he said.

"Just because we've arrested this man … it's a crime series (and) there are a number of other avenues of investigation we're still undertaking."

Police alleged of the offences are linked to others and some have already resulted in the arrest of others.

The Sarina man was due to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court today.