Boss crocs in death roll fight


TWO top crocs have locked jaws in a tiff over who is the king of the Adelaide River.

Stumpy and Wokeye death rolled and snapped at each other for close to 40 minutes last Sunday.

Those on a Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise watched as the two 5m long crocs chased each other along the boundary of their territories gnashing jaws and twisting their bodies to bite each other's snouts.

Michael Short, 30, thought initially the fight wasn't too unusual until the guides had a shocked look on their face.

"We originally thought the croc was dead and had been knocked unconscious," he said.

"They tried to move it to the shores so that it didn't drown."

The tour guides called another boat down in an attempt to rescue Wokeye which was floating belly up, and they continued on with their cruise.

"From the surface it just looked like it was a dead croc floating on the river."

About 40 minutes later Mr Short said they received a call from the other boat to say Wokeye wasn't dead.

When they returned to the scene the two crocs were chasing each other.

Video shows Stumpy slipping under water to catch Wokeye but Wokeye turns and catches Stumpy.

"Wokeye tried to leave and then and old stumpy went into attack mode, but Wokeye got stumpy," Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise tour guide Jessica Rosel said.

She said on Monday Wokeye was sulking in an estuary but stumpy was full of adrenaline.