Dannii Minogue was in awe on The Masked Singer judging panel
Dannii Minogue was in awe on The Masked Singer judging panel

Social media obsesses over The Masked Singer

It's the show that promised to be absolutely bonkers, but during Monday night's premiere of The Masked Singer, it was viewers themselves who were driven bonkers on social media.

And for anyone who didn't realise it was on, scrolling through Twitter might have had the same effect.

Scrambling to piece together the cryptic clues surrounding who could be behind each elaborate costume, Twitter was as hellbent on cracking the puzzle as the celebrity judging panel.

Of course, only one masked singer was revealed, with The Octopus lifting its giant head to reveal none other than former Big Brother host Gretel Killeen.

Gretel Killeen was the woman behind the Octopus mask... Who would have thought?
Gretel Killeen was the woman behind the Octopus mask... Who would have thought?

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After confident performances from The Prawn, The Alien, The Robot, The Unicorn and The Wolf, it was Killeen forced to enlighten the crowd.

But before the mask came off, Twitter was abuzz with guesses for every character, from Julia Gillard to Chris Hemsworth.

Here's who viewers thought could be beneath each quirky disguise:


The crooning crustacean sang directly to Dannii Minogue while covering Elvis Presley's Suspicious Minds, causing the star to blush. This led many to believe he may or may not be an ex of Dannii Minogue's - Kris Smith being the most obvious choice.










Nikki Webster was the general consensus on Twitter, with Dannii Minogue also guessing the Strawberry Kisses singer straight off the bat. Others guessed a Spice Girl - either Emma Bunton or Geri Halliwell.












Marvelling over the long, toned legs of the mysterious sea creature, guesses for The Octopus ranged from Julia Gillard to Courtney Act. Her performance of Fame may well have been the most difficult to pick of the night … Which could have been why the panel and audience opted to unmask her.

Some social media users nailed it, guessing it was Killeen straight away.











Cody Simpson was the overwhelming guess here, with one lone viewer throwing social media influencer Kurt Coleman into the mix.










The majority of viewers on Twitter locked in Deni Hines as The Unicorn, but one threw a guess of Rhonda Birchmore into the pit. Interesting.









Tall, imposing and much like The Prawn … oddly attractive, people were convinced The Wolf was either ex-Australian Idol contestant Rob Mills or Blair McDonough.









And up there with the most hilarious mock guesses of the night:





While we're yet to find out who's lurking beneath the remaining costumes, the fan speculation is sure to continue as the South Korean-originated reality show rolls on.

Settle in for a weird and wonderful ride, Australia.


The Masked Singer continues Tuesday night at 7.30pm on Ten.