Dane Mulivai
Dane Mulivai

23 seconds to claim Combat 8 world title

TWENTY-three seconds was all it took for Dane Mulivai to claim the Combat 8 world welterweight title at Newcastle last Saturday.

The no-fuss performance, which saw him force submission from opponent Daniel Kerr 23 seconds into the first round, was mirrored by his low-key return to Ipswich.

Mulivai was back at work on Monday as though it had been another normal weekend for the Redbank resident.

"When I got home, it sort of sunk in in the evening," the 29-year-old said.

"Being a world champ is something you can't just receive in the mailbox.

"I got home and took the family out for lunch."

There were no celebrations with Mulivai vying for another world title, this time in K1 (kick boxing), next month.

Rarely since turning professional has Mulivai had to last the distance but he didn't expect his fight to be over so soon on Saturday.

"He opened up differently to what I was expecting," Mulivai said.

"I expected him to try and pressure me.

"My plan was to see what he was going to do and work to that. I hit him with a left hook and hurt him."

Mulivai didn't follow up immediately, however, and thought for a moment he had missed a chance.

"I knew I hurt him but I didn't rush him," he said.

"I went to throw another right.

"He rushed me to push me up against the cage and had his head sitting right on my chest.

"All I had to do was move his head to the side, wrap around his neck and pull guard. It was like a birthday present wrapped up for me. I wrapped my legs around him and choked him out."

Mulivai has had 10 professional fights in five different disciplines and won nine by early stoppage.