Gladstone Courthouse.
Gladstone Courthouse.

‘Turn that off, I’m in court!’: Phone mishap

N a bid to keep people out courtrooms, defendants are being allowed to appear by phone call.

This didn't go so well for Allan James Grundy, 51, who struggled to find a quiet place for his phone call appearance on Monday.

"Turn that off, I'm in court!" Grundy can be heard yelling in the silence of Gladstone Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilty to drug driving while on a probational multi-combination licence.

On January 9 on Rose St, Miriam Vale, Grundy tested positive to having marijuana in his saliva, the court was told.

Defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield said her client used the drug to treat pain from a back injury.

Ms Ditchfield said he normally would not drive if he had used it, but on that day he found out his son had been hospitalised in Rockhampton and he was driving from Agnes Water to see him.

Grundy was fined $450 and disqualified from driving for six months.