Trump walks streets to visit 'special place'



Donald Trump has walked around Lafayette Square and posed in front of a boarded up church near the White House after making a statement as protests rage around the country. 

The President made the appearance after protesters were cleared from the area with tear gas and horses, moments before he spoke, vowing to restore "law and order".

He had just spoken after two days of silence, giving a heated seven minute address about restoring "law and order" after seven days of heated protests across the US.

Mr Trump then visited a boarded up church nearby the White House, flanked by military personnel. The area last night was attacked by protesters who lit fires out the front of the White House, burning branches and chanting for justice.

After the protesters were cleared from the area, the president posed in front of the boarded up church with a bible.


"We have a great country," he said, holding a bible and posing for photographs with members of his inner circle.

Before Mr Trump spoke, the protesters had clashed with police, who moved them from the area with tear gas and horses.

This comes as George Floyd's family released the results of an independent autopsy as his brother Terrence Floyd visited the site where he died and asked protesters "what the hell" they were doing in "destroying" things.

Cities across the US have been rocked by protests that have turned violent in places, including Washington DC where military vehicles and personnel have been seen moving in to White House.