Supplied Editorial Stanthorpe bushfire
Supplied Editorial Stanthorpe bushfire

Trio, dog rescued as flames bore down

TWO men, a woman and their dog have been pulled from the path of a ferocious bushfire just in the nick of time.

The trio were running to their dam as flames bore down on their Tabletop Road, Sarabah home yesterday when they were winched to safety by a rescue helicopter.

Their home was destroyed in the inferno.

In shock, the family only had praise for their rescuers as they exited the chopper at the Canungra Showgrounds clutching a handful of possessions.



"They rescued us," the woman said, pointing to firefighters.

"They were amazing."

A firefighter at the Sarabah fire. Picture: NIGEL HALLETT
A firefighter at the Sarabah fire. Picture: NIGEL HALLETT

Locals had fled to the Canungra Showgrounds with their pets and farm animals as fire advanced on the area.

The Tabletop Road home was the first to be destroyed by the fire with several sheds in the area also burnt to the ground.

The fire that started as a vegetation fire on Monday near Reining Road has now spread to a 40km fire perimeter and was being fanned by strong winds.

The fire has now spread into Lamington National Park.

Last night the Army was partially evacuating the Kokoda Barracks in Canungra. It's understood non-essential personnel and their families left the base.