GIDDY UP: Racing trainer Darryl Hansen pictured with Le Chef. Photo: Iain Curry
GIDDY UP: Racing trainer Darryl Hansen pictured with Le Chef. Photo: Iain Curry

Trainer says horrific vision doesn’t reflect industry

A SUNSHINE Coast horse trainer with racing "in his blood" has been left disgusted by vision released showing the treatment of thoroughbreds at an abattoir north of Brisbane.

With a great passion for the industry, Darryl Hansen said the footage didn't reflect how trainers handled their horses.

"It's made me a bit dirty because it's not us racing people that are sending the horses to the doggers," he said.

"We try and find our horses good homes all the time, but then you give them to people and they want them for a few weeks, but then the novelty wears off and they sit in the paddock and starve.

"Whereas the racing people love their horses.

"They always try and do the best by them and if they came and saw how they're looked after here … they're treated like royalty."

Despite the confronting footage, Mr Hansen said the industry had the potential to increase in attendance on the Sunshine Coast.

"There's a lot of racing enthusiasts that live here, especially the older generation who've been involved all their lives," he said.

"We're getting a mixed variety of people and that's why I think we have a good number of attendances here.

"And I think we will see a good growth, especially if the club builds more stables which I think they're planning to do."

A trainer on the Coast for nine years, Mr Hansen has seen the industry change drastically in the region.

He said tourism played a large part in the industry thriving.

"You get a lot of tourists for it, and a lot of people in Australia like racing," he said.

"And a lot of trainers have seen the facilities we have here, they're a lot better than other places, so they've moved here to take advantage of it.

"Having a local racetrack is great, a lot of people don't have one."