There were plenty of winners — and a few losers — in the 2019 trade period.
There were plenty of winners — and a few losers — in the 2019 trade period.

Trade report card: Every club rated

Sixteen players found new homes on the final day of AFL trade week.

But a number failed to find new homes and will have to rebuild their relationships with their clubs - or find other ways to escape.

Some clubs' dreams were fulfilled, while others were dashed.

Our experts grade every team's exchange period.


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There were plenty of winners — and a few losers — in the 2019 trade period.
There were plenty of winners — and a few losers — in the 2019 trade period.




IN: Pick 37, 45, 2020 second-round selection (WB), 2020 fourth-round selection (Car), 2020 fourth-round selection (GWS), 2020 fourth-round selection (GC), 2020 third-round selection (GC), William Frampton (PA)

OUT: Eddie Betts (Car), Cameron Ellis-Yolmen (Bris), Sam Jacobs (GWS), Hugh Greenwood (GC), Alex Keath (WB), Josh Jenkins (Gee), 2020 third-round selection (Gee)

DRAFT PICKS: 4, 23, 28, 37, 49


We hear list manager Justin Reid adopted the famous 'Power Ranger' stance in tough and tense talks with the Western Bulldogs over Alex Keath. In the end it worked, as the Crows ensured they didn't get fleeced despite threats Keath could walk out on the club for nothing via the national draft. While Adelaide didn't get much in return for its bunch of departing veterans, it was important that they held on to superstar brothers Matt and Brad Crouch for 2020.



IN: Cameron Ellis-Yolmen (Bris), Grant Birchall (Haw), Callum Ah Chee (GC)

OUT: 2020 second-round selection (GC), 2020 fourth-round selection (GC)

DRAFT PICKS: 16, 21, 34, 48, 52, 55, 64


Have to like what the Lions have done adding three players who can step straight into Brisbane's Round 1 team. Birchall adds class, Ah Chee brings speed and Ellis-Yolmen is a big body who can help protect Lachie Neale. It has cost them two future picks but the Lions are confident Ah Chee will soon flourish away from the Suns. A punt worth taking.


Eddie Betts was all smiles after finding his way home to Carlton. Picture: AAP
Eddie Betts was all smiles after finding his way home to Carlton. Picture: AAP



IN: Eddie Betts (Ade), Marc Pittonet (Haw), 57 (Ess), 61 (Haw), 70 (Ess)

OUT: Andrew Phillips (Ess), 2020 fourth-round selection (Ade), pick 48 (Syd), 54 (Haw), 61 (Ess), 63 (Haw), 72 (Ess)

DRAFT PICKS: 9, 43, 57, 70, 85


They missed out on Tom Papley but are now poised to secure Gold Coast's Jack Martin in either the pre-season or national draft. There is lots to play out here but it would be an absolute steal if the Blues land him for their first pre-season draft pick. The Blues were told they were always unlikely to get Papley if Joe Daniher stayed. Marc Pittonet and Eddie Betts came cheaply, too.



IN: Darcy Cameron (Syd) and pick 62 (Syd), 2020 second-round, 2020 fourth-round

OUT: James Aish, Pick 56, 69, 2020 future third-round

DRAFT PICKS: 35, 62, 74


The biggest issue at Collingwood this trade period was the salary cap. Unfortunately, the Pies had to lose popular clubman James Aish to ease some of the immediate pressure. The Darcy Cameron move was smart because he can help support Brodie Grundy in the ruck and add to the club's forward set up. Grundy has carried a huge load in recent seasons and the Pies plan to give him more rest. Cameron came cheaply and just wants a chance to establish himself at AFL level.


Joe Daniher stays a Bomber. Will he be able to mend bridges? Picture: AFL Media/Getty Images
Joe Daniher stays a Bomber. Will he be able to mend bridges? Picture: AFL Media/Getty Images



IN: Tom Cutler (Brisbane Lions), Andrew Phillips (Carlton), picks 61, 72

OUT: Picks 37, 52, 57, 70

DRAFT PICKS: 31, 33, 61, 64, 65, 88


Once again lived up to the reputation as the trade period's Rubik's cube.

But guess what? That is their right.

Hung on to Joe Daniher like the toddler following mum around Highpoint Shopping Centre and the Dons will back themselves to ensure the key forward falls back in love with the club.

Also kept Orazio Fantasia out of Port Adelaide's clutches and gave up very little for Cutler.



IN: James Aish, Blake Acres, picks 10, 22, 58, 79, future second-round selection, future fourth-round selection.

OUT: Brad Hill (St Kilda), Ed Langdon (Melbourne), picks 26, future third-round selection, future fourth-round selection.

DRAFT PICKS: 7, 10, 22, 58, 69, 79, 83


Peter "Feather in the cap" Bell is embracing the tough tag and while his Dockers lost their two starting wingmen, they've gone some way to softening the blow with the arrivals of Aish and Acres.

Still, they turned down a better initial offer from the Saints for Hill, which saw them slide from pick 6 to 10 in that negotiation.


Geelong will hope former Saint Jack Steven can recapture past form after losing Tim Kelly. Picture: Getty Images
Geelong will hope former Saint Jack Steven can recapture past form after losing Tim Kelly. Picture: Getty Images


IN: Jack Steven (St Kilda), Josh Jenkins (Adelaide), picks 14, 24, future first-round pick, second-round pick, 37

OUT: Tim Kelly (West Coast), Zac Smith (Gold Coast), future third-round pick, pick 57,

DRAFT PICKS: 14, 17, 24, 36, 93


Kelly hurts big time, but he was always going and the haul was immense 12 months after the Eagles baulked over offering a third second round pick. Since then Kelly drove up his cash price, his pick price and he helped the Cats knock the Eagles out of September.

Then, the Cats turned Zac Smith into four-time best and fairest winner Jack Steven via pick 58 and got Jenkins on the cheap. Good business.



IN: Hugh Greenwood, Zac Smith, Brandon Ellis (free agent), future second-round selection, future fourth-round selection

OUT: Callum Ah Chee (Brisbane Lions), pick 58, future third-round selection, future fourth-round selection

DRAFT PICKS: 1, 2, 15, 20, 78, 90


Done well here. Greenwood and Ellis aren't world beaters, but they make the Suns better and they haven't given up a lot to do it - a future third and fourth for the former and the latter for free.

More stubborn than a pensioner playing chess when it came to Jack Martin, but they took a stand.

Getting a future second and future fourth round pick for Callum Ah Chee, who has played 14 games in three years, is very handsome.

Throw in the priority pick concessions and they've done well.



IN: Sam Jacobs (Adelaide), picks 6, 59, future fourth-round selection,

OUT: Jon Patton (Hawthorn), Adam Tomlinson (Melbourne), Aiden Bonar (North Melbourne), picks 12, 18, future fourth-round selection,

DRAFT PICKS: 6, 40, 59, 60, 80, 94


Quiet. Gave away Patton for next to nothing, but it's all about the salary cap and on that basis it was a shrewd move.

Jacobs arrived for nothing, too, and the Giants will keep pestering Melbourne for that pick 3 in the lead up to the draft.


The Hawks secured power forward Jonathon Patton from GWS. Picture: AAP
The Hawks secured power forward Jonathon Patton from GWS. Picture: AAP



IN: Sam Frost (Melb), Jon Patton (GWS), picks 42, 61

OUT: Grant Birchall (Bris), pick 50, 2020 second-round selection

DRAFT PICKS: 11, 30, 42, 61, 87, 92


A healthy and trimmed-down Jon Patton makes life after Jarryd Roughead look rosier while Sam Frost will cut the angles and cut up the grass burning out of the backline. Frost can turn it over but he and Ben McEvoy are play as Alastair Clarkson's defensive mainstays next season. Have had less first-round picks than premierships lately and so pairing pick 11 with father-son gun Finn McGuinness will finally deliver some top teenage talent.



IN: Adam Tomlinson (GWS), Ed Langdon (Frem), pick 8, 2020 second-rounder (Haw), 2020 fourth-rounder (Frem)

OUT: Sam Frost (Haw), picks 22, 42, 61, 79, 2020 first-rounder, 2020 second-rounder, 2020 fourth-rounder



Coach Simon Goodwin wanted a wingman and instead he got wingmen - Adam Tomlinson and Ed Langdon. GWS dropped Tomlinson last month and forced him to frequently switch wings so Lachie Whitfield could shine, so he should grow under a new coach at the Dees. Pushed Frost out because they think Jake Lever and Steven May can stop the goals but missed free agent Jamie Elliott. Will they draft clone Cody Weightman at pick No.8? No prize for a second failed season after trading their early 2020 pick to the Kangas.



IN: Aiden Bonar (GWS), Picks 26, 50, 2020 first-rounder (Melb), 2020 fourth-rounder (Melb)

OUT: Pick 8, 2020 third-rounder

DRAFT PICKS: 26, 27, 47, 50, 73, 84


Tumbleweeds. Departing list manager Michael McMahon could've put his board shorts on two weeks ago, because North was never going to be a big player. Little bites at Dougal Howard and Tom Papley didn't land while Mason Wood will stay after receiving no interest. Powerful inside midfielder Aiden Bonar landed on deadline, two years after he was drafted at No.11. Remarkably, North hasn't had two first-round picks since 2002 - but they now hold a pair of prized selections in the 2020 draft after a pick swap with Melbourne. They traded three for the price of one with the Dees in a deal that at least one other club was jealous of.



IN: Picks 12, 18, 2020 third-round selection (St K), 2020 fourth-round selection (Adel),

OUT: Dougal Howard, Paddy Ryder (St K), Billy Frampton (Adel), pick 10, 2020 fourth-round selection

DRAFT PICKS: 12, 18, 29, 66, 67, 68, 71, 86


Coach Ken Hinkley dropped Dougal Howard in June and off the list on Monday, instead wanting to develop flexible talls Todd Marshall, Peter Ladhams and Sam Hayes. While fans found that hard to stomach, last year Port turned Chad Wingard and Jared Polec into Connor Rozee, Zak Butters and Xavier Duursma. The challenge for Port scouts is to do similar with picks 12 and 18, given they rank the first round very evenly.



IN: Pick 56

OUT: Brandon Ellis (Gold Coast), Dan Butler (St Kilda)

DRAFT PICKS: 19, 38, 39, 41, 56, 75, 77, 95


Richmond was content to take its picks, miffed not to get an end-of-first-round compensation pick for Brandon Ellis but aware it will enter next year with Sydney Stack, Marlion Pickett and Alex Rance as virtual recruits given Stack and Pickett will be in their first full pre-season and Rance is back from his Round 1 ACL.

On pure trade action, the Tigers did three fifths of stuff all, but this period was all about basking in the premiership glow and protecting their list, with Kamdyn McIntosh and Connor Menadue not getting to rival clubs and now having to prove they are good enough to break into the best 22.


Speedy ex-Docker Bradley Hill is the pick of St Kilda’s huge trade period haul. Picture: AAP
Speedy ex-Docker Bradley Hill is the pick of St Kilda’s huge trade period haul. Picture: AAP



IN: Brad Hill (Fremantle), Dougal Howard (Port Adelaide), Paddy Ryder (Port Adelaide), Dan Butler (Richmond), Zak Jones (Sydney), future third-round pick (Fremantle)

OUT: Pick 10, Josh Bruce (Western Bulldogs), Blake Acres (Fremantle), Jack Steven (Geelong), future second round pick (Fremantle)



The single question mark is how much they will miss Jack Steven's matchwinning bursts and Josh Bruce's contested marking. On every other score it's a huge winner, securing elite mids, an eight-year centre half back in Dougal Howard and short-term ruck cover to preserve Rowan Marshall's body. Brett Ratten will be thoroughly delighted he has cattle to work with.

The club had said they wanted to secure another key forward to help out Tim Membrey and Max King and didn't quite get there. So Ratten will hope King has a bumper pre-season after the club was at pains not to paint him as the great white hope last year as their No.4 draft pick.



IN: Lewis Taylor (Brisbane), pick 32, pick 76, 2020 round three pick (Fremantle).

OUT: Zak Jones, Darcy Cameron, pick 54, pick 62, pick 63, 2020 round four

DRAFT PICKS: 5, 25, 32, 44, 76, 81


The Bombers will say that the Swans were never really that keen to secure Joe Daniher. The Swans will say they were prepared to offer a bumper pick haul but the Dons were never going to let him go anyway.

In between Sydney was able to secure Lewis Taylor on a three-year deal, adamant that he is a handy runner who has turned into an excellent kick inside forward 50.

Sydney will believe it can secure Daniher next year for nothing, but it will ensure a circus for both clubs all year with his services a constant discussion point.

Sydney got Lance Franklin in the dead of the night, shocking the competition.

They tried a daylight robbery this time and Essendon caught them in the act.


Out-of-favour Lions speedster Lewis Taylor is on his way to Sydney. Picture: AAP
Out-of-favour Lions speedster Lewis Taylor is on his way to Sydney. Picture: AAP



IN: Tim Kelly

OUT: 14, 24 and 37, future first round pick, future third round pick



West Coast are locked and loaded, securing Tim Kelly for a huge but fair price. They can't complain about their talent-laden list, handing over a king's ransom that means they have only picks 46 and 91 in November's draft and have given up their first-rounder next year.

The beauty of their list is they have players ready to take over from the elder statesmen, with Oscar Allen ready to take over from Josh Kennedy given he is clearly slowing down. They need Tom Barrass to fire though after a quiet finish to the year in defence.



IN: Josh Bruce (St Kilda), Alex Keath (Adelaide), Crows future third-round pick,

OUT: 45, 32, 51, 53, future second round pick



The Dogs have held their nerve. Only on the last day of the trade did they secure their only two priority targets Alex Keath and Josh Bruce, and it came after Keath's manager had to vow he would not be coming back to Adelaide if a trade didn't get through.

So not only have the Dogs got massive momentum coming off their finals charge, they have two key figures at either end. Bruce took 50 contested marks last year and Keath took 49 intercept marks. In an era of junk stats they are the ones that matter.

Josh Schache will be thrilled, able to play as the third lead-up tall, and Easton Wood can go back to his old intercepting ways playing alongside Zaine Cordy and Keath, who can take the second key tall.