Townsville soldier bashed possum, boasted on Snapchat

A NORTH Queensland soldier has been jailed for two months for smashing a possum against a concrete floor before boasting on social media.

Sapper Hayden Peter Archer, 23, came before the Townsville Magistrates Court on Monday pleading guilty to animal cruelty after tormenting the possum at Lavarack Barracks on April 30 last year.

The court heard that after inflicting serious injury, Archer sent photos of the bloodied animal to numerous people on Snapchat before finally releasing it.

The possum's fate is unknown. 

The sentence follows a spate of recent animal cruelty across Queensland. 

A driver deliberately mowed down 17 kangaroos in Wacol at the beginning of February, killing 16 and injuring the last so severely it had to be euthanised.  

A baby possum is recovering after being found with an arrow through its body at Cooran, shot through the side while clinging to its mother.

More than a dozen dead adult swallows and 16 injured chicks were found among broken nests and feather clumps in a secure location in Gympie last week.