COOKING WITH GAS: Bargara Golf Club general manager Ian Witt says the club will have a record year.
COOKING WITH GAS: Bargara Golf Club general manager Ian Witt says the club will have a record year. Mike Knott BUN100719BAR1

Tourism numbers booming in holiday hotspot

BUSINESS is booming in Bargara and it's giving local business owners a thousand reasons to smile.

The NewsMail last week reported a boom in business within the region.

And while a rise in business has coincided with the Confraternity Carnival and winter school holidays, even without that boost many are seeing a rise on previous years.

One such business is the Bargara Golf Club.

The club has seen a huge lift in the number of meals being put out by its kitchen team each week.

General manager Ian Witt said the club served up 509 meals last Wednesday.

"We are up 1000 per cent on previous years,” Mr Witt said.

"Everything is busy this holidays and we're putting out 1800 meals a week.”

"Before, our record was at the 1200 meals a week mark ... as well as bar trade and the golf course.

"We are booming.”

Bargara Golf Club head chef Chris Myles.
COOKING WITH GAS: Bargara Golf Club head chef Chris Myles and his team are serving hundreds of meals a week. Mike Knott BUN100719BAR2

Mr Witt said 2019 would be a record year for the golf club.

"It is quite impressive. We are actually too small now and don't have any more room,” he said.

"Last week we were booked three nights in advance.

In July last year 3863 meals were made for club patrons. For the first nine days of this month, the club is already sitting at 2144 meals.

Loni Hammond at Kellys Beach Resort has just celebrated the resort's best year in 15 years, with a 9 per cent rise in occupancy.

Ms Hammond said the result was not without hard work, but she was amazed at the growth the business had seen in the past 12 months.

And while she is not counting her chickens before they hatch, Ms Hammond said it was "amazing” to see the results of hard work.

"We don't think we'll see a decline,” Ms Hammond said.

"But it was just such a phenomenal growth last year ... but we don't expect to see the same growth as we saw last financial year.

"We kept saying 'Rome wasn't built in a day, it just takes 15 years'.”

She said support from Bundaberg Tourism and Tourism Queensland had been a great aid on their journey of growth in years gone by.

"We worked really, really hard and have great support,” she said.

Kellys Beach Resort sees international guests, a market Ms Hammond said had also boomed by working closely with other tourism organisations.

"You have to build up that trust and with the help from Bundaberg Tourism we have been able to do that.”

Mr Witt agreed that, at this time of year, the chance of locking down accommodation in Bargara was practically "non-existent” because of the number of holiday-makers.