EVERYONE at Moore Park Football Club knew defeating Bingera on its home ground was going to be tough, even Brenton Walk's thought were on the game as he lay in a hospital bed recovering from having both shoulders reconstructed.

Walk sent the players and coaching staff a text message before the game and co-coach Bruce Leslight said he ex-goalkeeper's word inspired the team to a dramatic 2-1 win.

From the first minutes of the game Moore Park was positive and led 2-0 before Bingera got one back with 15 minutes to. And against Bingera a 2-1 lead isn't always enough.

During the week leading up to the game Moore Park's only run together was in a catch-up game against Diggers it won 8-0 and the lack of training didn't effect the way the players.

Leslight said the opening part of the game was fantastic and the closing stages had him worried.

"We played really well I thought. The first half from both teams was the best I've seen the year," Leslight said.

"We played to our game plan and Bingera came back into it; not many teams will win at Bingera's ground.

"There was a lot of sore boys after the game that only had one beer and then went home."

ATW coach Jason De Papi was uninspired by his team's 3-1 win over Diggers and he said the focus was on the next game.

Diggers took a defensive approach into the game and held ATW out for the first half, but the goals came quickly after the break and it was only a run away goal against the play that had Diggers on the board.

Alloway recovered from a 1-0 deficit to beat Brothers Aston Villa 2-1 with Stephen Fletcher and Chris Pye finding the back of the net.

The two remaining games from round three will be played tomorrow night at with Alloway playing Bingera and ATW taking on Villa.