Top tips for being viable after floods

A WORKSHOP examining how to make flood-stricken properties viable again will draw graziers to Booubyjan from across Queensland.

Internationally renowned holistic grazing consultant Rodger Savory will present the workshop Holistic Management, Tools for Flood Recovery on April 26-27.

Topics will include how to start financial planning after flood, land planning to meet your financial plan, strategic fence placement post flood - including an opportunity to look at fencing alternatives - building new top soil using regenerative agricultural methods, preventing top soil loss in future flood events and planning to reduce the impacts of future floods.

Mr Savory has more than 25 years' experience with holistic management globally and specialises in turning severely degraded land into productive grasslands.

He said droughts and floods would get worse unless people understood the root cause and learned to address it.

The workshop will be held at the Booubyjan Hall, 9379 Burnett Hwy, Booubyjan. Cost is $20 for two people from the same enterprise. Details and bookings phone 41690720.