WINNING ENTRY: Renee Mulhall says she is
WINNING ENTRY: Renee Mulhall says she is "definitely not a professional”.

Top shot Renee ready to capture summer

ONE Bundaberg woman will be capturing all her action shots on a new Nikon Key Mission 170 camera after taking out first place in the NewsMail's I Am Summer competition.

Renee Mulhall's photo of her daughter and her cousins splashing around and playing in rain water won her the photography prize.

"It represents what summer meant for me growing up - getting outside, getting dirty and making your own fun,” she said.

The photo was taken at Ms Mulhall's sister-in-law's home on Boxing Day.

She said the rain created the perfect environment for a bit of backyard fun.

"There were a lot of puddles around so I told the kids to jump on in,” she said.

"It just created the perfect opportunity for a photo so I snapped away.”

Ms Mulhall said her win had come as a complete shock, considering she was not a professional photographer.

"I just take photos of my daughter mostly,” she said.

"I am definitely not a professional.

"The prize has come at a perfect time because we have just booked a cruise for April to Vanuatu, so the camera will definitely come in handy.”

More than 100 entries submitted, with photographer and judge Mike Knott saying the photography, while not technically perfect, screamed summer in the Bundaberg region.

Mr Knott said he chose Ms Mulhall's photo because it captured his attention and made him laugh.

"I loved seeing the little kids mucking around and having fun,” he said.

"Also, the lens flare in the corner of the photograph gave it a unique touch.”