The top 25 stories that made Bundaberg click in 2013

2013 was a year of terror and turmoil in Bundaberg, but also a year with some lighter moments.

Our top 25 online stories show what made us click in that time.


Army convoy ready to tackle flood recovery

The NewsMail kept up with constant updates during the January floods.

Rolling coverage was uploaded via our social media as well as our website.

River heights, road closures and safety warnings were shared with the public as soon as we could upload them.

Our most read story in 2013 featured rolling coverage from the first flood warning to news the army was coming to town to provide us with some much-needed assistance.

Almost 60,000 readers checked this story.

MORE RAIN: Bundaberg Skate Park once again flooded after recent rains. Photo: Scottie Simmonds / NewsMail
The Bundaberg Skate Park goes under in January. Scottie Simmonds


Latest road closures and openings in the region

In January's flooding disaster, updates on road closures and openings were vital to our online readers and many others.

Our regularly updated list became our second most read story of the year.


Tornado couple transferred to Brisbane hospital

Vicious tornados lashed the region in January and led to a Bargara couple being transferred to a Brisbane Hospital in a serious condition.

Tornadoes struck homes and businesses and left powerlines down, trees knocked over and homes without roofs.


Locals tell of surreal flood scenes as Army choppers move in

The NewsMail's photographers were out in the thick of it during January's record flood events.

As army choppers moved in, NewsMail photographer Max Fleet described the flood scenes as bizarre and like a war zone.

"These main streets are surreal to see high torrents up to the neck," he said.


Long-time Rebel bikie answers your questions

This year saw the State Government's new laws targeting bikies become the subject of heated debate on both sides of the argument.

Readers put their questions to the NewsMail's sister paper the Sunshine Coast Daily, who in turn handed them to Rebels' member Tony Jardine.

The story became popular across APN's sites, with Bundaberg readers making it their top fifth story online and the most-read non-flood-related story online.


First pictures of Burnett Heads devastation

Photographer Max Fleet described the devastating scenes along the Burnett Heads seafront as he arrived on scene to cover the events for the NewsMail.

Mr Fleet said the seaside community had been littered with debris and some homes were missing their roofs by the time he reached the area after the first tornado hit.

BODY FOUND: Police direct traffic away from the scene where a man's body was found. Photo: Vanessa Marsh / NewsMail
BODY FOUND: Police direct traffic away from the scene where a man's body was found. Photo: Vanessa Marsh / NewsMail Vanessa Marsh


Tourists mourning after friend found dead in paddock

Four European tourists faced tragedy when their friend was found dead on the corner of Kendalls Rd and the Bundaberg-Childers Rd in June.

His death was not considered to be suspicious.


Second man dies after horrific head-on crash

Two men died after a horrific crash on Goodwood Rd in April.

The men, aged 19 and 22, died in hospital after the horror smash.

A police smokeswoman said  initial investigations showed one vehicle carrying a single person was overtaking a second car with five passengers when it collided head on with a car carrying the two young men who died.

A photo from Twitter showing damage on Tallon Bridge.
A photo from Twitter showing damage on Tallon Bridge.


Video proves Tallon Bridge damage is no hoax

Cries of a hoax rang out through Bundaberg in late January when images circulated on social media showing a huge hold at the northern approach of the Tallon Bridge.

However, rumours it was a rumour were quashed when Bundaberg mayor Mal Forman eventually confirmed the damage was real.


Why locals can't return to Bundy's war zone just yet

North Bundaberg resembled a war zone as February approached, with locals prohibited from returning to their homes and a massive clean-up mission under way.


Depression diagnosis came too late to save young life

It was a heartbreaking story published on December 7 that sparked the NewsMail's mission to highlight the importance of mental illness and suicide awareness.

Sixteen-year-old Mark Millington sadly took his own life just a couple of months ago after being diagnosed with depression.

"To find your child like that, I don't know the word for it - it just tears everything inside of you out," Mark's heartbroken mum, Kellie said.

INCOMIN AIRLINE: Virgin Australia starts flying over the city of Bundaberg. Photo: Paul Donaldson / NewsMail
INCOMIN AIRLINE: Virgin Australia starts flying over the city of Bundaberg. Photo: Paul Donaldson / NewsMail Paul Donaldson BUN040513VIR5


Virgin to fly to and from Bundy, Qantas welcomes competitor

Bundaberg travellers were feeling sky high in February when Virgin announced it would start a service between Bundaberg and Brisbane in May.

Fellow airline and Bundaberg stalwart Qantas welcomed the competition.


Google Earth releases flood map

When Google Earth released satellite imagery of Bundaberg during the floods it drew strong interst from our online readers.

More than 7000 viewers clicked to see the surreal photos.


Mum has school holiday blues

A column about dealing with kids during the school holidays was a hot topic for readers, with the opinion piece making it as one of the NewsMail's top overall stories in 2013.

DOUBLE DECKER: Three cars were badly damaged when a man lost control of his vehicle outside the Bundaberg RSL and launched off the curb on top of two parked cars. Photo: Max Fleet / NewsMail
DOUBLE DECKER: Three cars were badly damaged when a man lost control of his vehicle outside the Bundaberg RSL and launched off the curb on top of two parked cars. Photo: Max Fleet / NewsMail Max Fleet


Woman leaves RSL to find a car parked on her car

In November, Bundaberg woman Maureen Gerrard went for lunch at the Bundaberg RSL.

What she didn't know what that when she went back outside she'd find a car parked on top of... her car.

The bizarre incident was captured on CCTV. You can view the video in our online story.


Reports of tornado at Bargara as Oswald continues south

A warning from the Bureau of Meteorology regarding a trough from Ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald was issued on January 24 along with early reports of a tornado at Bargara.

It was the beginning of a terrifying ordeal for the Bundaberg region.


Flight over Bundaberg floods reveals a sea of destruction

Astronaut Chris Hadfield took photos of Bundaberg's record floods from the International Space Station.

The faraway images were a huge hit online.


One dead and three injured

On July 4, a 76-year-old woman was tragically killed and three people injured after a crash on the intersection of Bundaberg-Lowmead and Smiths Crossing Lowmead Rd.


Police hunting motorcyclist doing 260kmh on Ring Road

Police took to the media on December 17 for help in tracking down a man clocked at speeds of 260kmh on the Bundaberg Ring Road.


17-year-old from Bundaberg dies in crash outside Gympie

On June 19, a young life was tragically lost when a 17-year-old Bundaberg woman died in a crash 10 kilometres south of Gympie.

The woman had been driving when her car crossed on to the wrong side of the road for unknown reasons.

A man ended up in a coma after copping a shock from his charging iPhone. David Stuart


Man in coma after shock while charging iPhone

A 30-YEAR-old Chinese man, Wu Jian Tong, fell into a coma after receiving an electric shock from a charging iPhone.

The story drew worldwide attention, with Bundaberg readers equally as concerned.

Justin Bieber performing during his secret Live + Intimate concert for Channel V and the Hot 30 Countdown at Fox Studios in Sydney on July 17. Please credit photo to Pip Cowley/Channel V.
Pop bad boy Justin Bieber announced his retirement. Pip Cowley/Channel V


Good news for non-Beliebers: Justin Bieber retiring?

It was great news for non-Beliebers everywhere - Justin Bieber announced he was considering retirement.

However, some claimed the announcement was nothing more than a publicity stunt.


First flood death as Qld calls in Army choppers

The tragedy of January's wild weather became all too real when it was confirmed that a Burnett Heads man had fallen from his boat and been killed.


Building swept away in Bundaberg riverbank collapse

Business owner Ray Foley was forced to watch in terror when a two-storey building belonging to Midtown Marinas washed down the river on February 19.


Exclusion zone set to open to residents at 6am

On February 1, North Bundaberg residents were finally allowed to walk over the bridge to see what was left of their homes, with strict rules in place as to what people could and could not do while there.