A WILSONTON resident has managed to capture a series of eerie videos of what she said is "ghost activity".   

Stacey Bellette's experience with the supernatural began when she was young.   

Growing up, "little things" were always happening around her, but at that age she didn't take much notice.   

It wasn't until her father died at the age of 16 that things took a turn for the weird.   

"That's when I started hearing voices, things touching me, things moving and banging - the whole kit and caboodle," she said.   

That was back in 1978.   


Stacey Bellette took this photo, which she said shows the ghost of a cat sitting behind her.
SPOOKY: Stacey Bellette took this photo, which she said shows the ghost of a cat sitting behind her, with it’s ‘paw’ poking out on the bed sheet. Contributed

Nearly 40 years on, Ms Bellette said she managed to capture evidence of ghosts in her Wilsonton home with the help of the video camera on her laptop.  

"I've told a lot of friends and relatives and sent videos to them - some of them they say it's not real. But why would I waste my time making 68 videos if it wasn't real?" she said.  

In one video, nearly half an hour after going to bed, unseen children begin singing happy birthday to a girl named Samantha in Ms Bellette's darkened house.   

In another, Ms Bellette is hopping into bed when a young girl's voice clearly says: "Kill you."   

In yet another video, Ms Bellette is walking around the house, sweeping.   

She moves down the hallway, and moments later a dark shadow seeps out from under the fridge and disappears.   

In her house of a night time, she hears things thrown around rooms.  

The TV will suddenly switch on at 3am.   

The kettle boils randomly.   

Showers begin spitting water for no reason at all.  

She was sceptical at first, but after strange things kept happening, she visited a clairvoyant.  

"She told me I was born with a gift and was able to communicate with the spirit world. I was looking for the exit real quick," she said.   

She visited another four clairvoyants and played dumb throughout, but ended up being told the same thing.  

"There are a lot of sceptics out there. I was one of them until I got the same answer from all five clairvoyants," she said.   

"I basically wanted to just get it out there."