Toowoomba foster mum accused of shocking child abuse

BREAKING: A Toowoomba mother has denied multiple accusations of over disciplining foster children in her care.

The 51-year-old pleaded not guilty before Toowoomba District Court to 32 charges including five counts of assault occasioning bodily harm while armed, four of assault occasioning bodily and 23 of common assault.

The allegations were made by four young people who had been placed into the care of the woman and her husband from the 1990s to 2013 by the Department of Child Safety.

One complainant, now 19, told the court the woman had dunked his head into a bucket of water repeatedly when he was just three years of age after he had soiled himself while playing in the family's backyard outside of Toowoomba.

He also claimed to have been struck with a hard plastic brush across the head and face which left him with chipped teeth.

He told the court he and his sister had been placed with the family at age two and though things had been good initially if they did something wrong they would be disciplined with cords, spoons or a pool cue or made to stand with hands under their feet among other disciplinary measures.

In his opening address to the jury, the woman's barrister Robbie Davies submitted no such incidents occurred and that even with monthly visits from three separate departments which supervised the family, no allegations had been raised with authorities.

One of the complainants had left a letter speaking of her love for the family and the younger brother of the main complainant remains in his client's care.

The woman is not named to protect the identity of the children in her care.

The trial before Judge Fleur Kingham is expected to run for two weeks.