Hot cross buns and Easter eggs are already on sale at supermarkets.
Hot cross buns and Easter eggs are already on sale at supermarkets. Geoff Potter

Too early to indulge in hot cross buns and Easter eggs?

CUSTOMERS have spotted hot cross buns and Easter eggs on supermarket shelves and most think it's too early.

We asked on Facebook what people thought:

There's reports hot cross buns and Easter chocolates are already appearing in supermarkets.Is it too early? Or are you happy to see the Easter goodies on the shelves?

Posted by Daily Mercury on Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Peter de Groot said: Way too early. Should not be on store shelves until at least some time in March 2016. Hot cross buns taste better when they are fresh. The ones on the shelves will be rather stale by Easter. Hot cross buns, chocolate Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies etc symbolise Easter which by the way is near the end of March 2016. Let us celebrate the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 first. Then Australia Day (dampers and Aussie BBQ's and picnics. Then Easter.

Carol Meaker said: Of course it's to early. They should be sold about 6 weeks before Easter. Still have Christmas decorations up.  

Colleen Morris said: I guess it's their store and they can sell anything they want. If no one bought the things before Easter then there'd be no demand and the stores wouldn't sell them. Must be a demand if they are selling them so soon. It's not as if they've broken a religious, moral or legal code, it's just flavoured bread.

Sean Harrison said: People complain about them being made already but yet still buy them.

Hannah Gleeson said: Never ever too early.


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Is it too early to see hot cross buns and Easter eggs in supermarkets?

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Easter Friday is March 25 and Easter Sunday is March 27 this year.