Some of the remaining brumbies on Fraser Island.
Some of the remaining brumbies on Fraser Island. Contributed

Time to remove remaining brumbies: conservationist

A CONSERVATIONIST has called for the remaining brumbies on Fraser Island to be removed and rehomed.

Mike West, a long time advocate for conservation and one time resident of the island, said while some thought that keeping the brumbies on the island was a positive for the dingoes, it was anything but for the feral horses.

"What most people seem to be unaware of is that poor nutrients of K'gari's sandy environment gives little nourishment to the horses and they die early from sand colic," he said.

"I have seen the usual inane reports of the do-gooders who think it is nice to have wild horses roaming on Fraser Island. Some have even thought it would be a good idea for them to be a wild food source for the dingoes."

Mr West said while the Queensland Parks and Wildlife staff would be within their rights to destroy the brumbies, as they are feral and in an important World Heritage Area, he hopes a humane plan is enacted. He said there had been recent reports of a foal being spotted.

A previous statement from the Department of Environment and Science said the monitoring for feral horse activity on K'gari would continue and options for their removal would be considered in line with the park's management plan.