Kelly's manager pleads for ‘common sense’

Will Tim Kelly get to West Coast? Picture: Michael Klein
Will Tim Kelly get to West Coast? Picture: Michael Klein

TIM Kelly's manager has urged the Cats to release his player on compassionate grounds after securing four players in recent years through similar circumstances.

The Cats and West Coast were locked in talks at Marvel Stadium on Wednesday afternoon as the Eagles try to satisfy Geelong on a deal.

The Eagles are considering a 2019 pick swap - potentially handing over their second round for the Cats third-rounder - as well as handing over picks 20 and 22.

But player manager Anthony van der Wielen said he was pleading with the Cats to release Kelly.

He urged Cats list boss Stephen Wells in a meeting on Wednesday morning to release his player, with Kelly also telling Wells he wanted out again.

"If Tim has to stay he will be disappointed but he is a contracted player. Hopefully common sense will prevail," he said.


"Geelong are saying they won't budge. We have five hours left. They have been on the receiving end of deals on compassionate grounds with Scott Selwood, Gary Rohan, Patrick Dangerfield and Gary Ablett in the last few years. Selwood was a West Coast vice captain.

"I have mentioned to Tim the worst-case scenario and that would be playing there next year and then leaving next year no matter what.

"I am sure he will play as well as this year if not better.

"Geelong gave Tim the choice to get home via Fremantle and he chose not to do that, so if this doesn't get done he will go about his business and accept the trade next year."

Fremantle and Geelong could have easily done a deal but Kelly was not prepared to move to the Dockers under any circumstances.

It means he has to accept he might have to play at the Cats for another season next year.