Councillor Alan Bush.
Councillor Alan Bush. Mike Knott

Three in 1: Tight battle for council division

DIVISION 1 candidates can do nothing but wait nervously as election vote counting slowly progresses.

The race between Greg Messenger, Alan Bush and Jason Bartels is the closest of all Bundaberg Regional Council divisions, with only six votes separating first and second place.

Mr Bartels, currently in second position with 1251 votes, said he was feeling a mixture of emotions in the lead-up to the official declaration by the Electoral Commission Queensland.

"I am a little bit frustrated that we don't know sooner. We have to wait for pre-poll and declaration votes to be counted," he said.

"I am feeling a bit impatient. I am the sort of person that likes to get things done and to know the direction that I am going in."

Mr Bartels said he had thought the Division 1 battle would be close but nothing like what has happened.

"I suppose you have three very good candidates there and the community has had a very hard decision to make," he said.

"I am hopeful but not confident. I have given my all to the campaign and I have worked very hard to get my message out to residents of Division 1 so hopefully the numbers are in my favour and I get to represent the people of the Bundaberg region."

Mr Messenger, who so far has 1182 votes - just 61 votes behind Mr Bartels, said it was an anxious wait.

"I thought it would be very close but not down to the small amount of votes that is separating us at the moment," he said.

"I believe there has only been 56% of the votes counted.

"(The ECQ) are now counting the pre-poll and postal votes, so we will need to wait for that.

"There hasn't been a clear indication but probably by next Tuesday we will know definitely."

Mr Messenger said he believed the poll was so close because of the standard of candidates vying for the role.

"Both myself and Jason certainly have a lot of good qualities, and Alan, well there are certainly a lot of people who still believe he can do the job too," he said.

"If you look at it that way, there are three good candidates."

"It has been a really good experience.

"You don't know if you don't try."

Mr Bush, sitting in first place with 1257 votes, said he would comment after the election results were confirmed.