YOU might remember outspoken truckie Trevor Vale for his Anzac Day video.

Now he's posted one about Australia Day where he says every Australian should buy an Aussie flag and wave it proudly this Australia Day on January 26.

"January's a pretty important month," he said in the video.

"To me it's the second most important day in our calendar outside of Anzac Day.

"Australia Day is very important. It's a day where we celebrate our country, the country we're proud of, the country we love. We celebrate our flag and we celebrate our freedom.

"There are a lot of people that might disagree with that...

"I don't care if it's 2cm long, I don't care if it's tattooed on your forehead... I think everybody in Australia that's Australian and is proud of our flag should go and get one.

"I don't care where you get the flag from, get a flag!"

He also suggests having a snag on bread with a bit of "dead horse".

"Get yourself a barbecue, get into Australia Day and enjoy the day." 

Just to make it clear, this is Trevor's opinion and if you have a different viewpoint, feel free to let us know by emailing or leaving a comment below.

How do you show you're a proud Aussie?

Is it having a barbecue, watching toad races or just enjoying this great country?

We want to know. Send your Australia Day pics to or post on Facebook.