Darren Moore will be extradited back to Victoria after he finishes his jail sentence in Queensland.
Darren Moore will be extradited back to Victoria after he finishes his jail sentence in Queensland.

Thief leaves sorry note after stealing $500k property

A drug addicted thief who robbed houses of more than $500,000 of property and tried to run down a police officer after they found him in the bushland has been jailed.

Darren Moore, 36, left a note for the homeowners he stole from saying that he was addicted to drugs and that he was sorry for what he did.

Crown prosecutor Will Slack told Maroochydore District Court that Moore used his car to break through the gate of an Eerwah Vale property in July, last year.

"He entered the house and stole tools, weapons and car accessories which are valued at around $20,000," he said.

The court heard Moore then broke into another house in Eerwah Vale.

"He stole approximately $500,000 of jewellery, and $5000 of Canadian currency.

"He took the jewellery from the safe which was damaged beyond repair and it's valued at around $5000.

"He also stole some property and about $3000 cash."

The court heard Moore had cut down a tree on the property and placed it across the driveway so he could be alerted if anyone was coming.

Moore left as one of the victims was returning.

The court heard Moore had used an axe to smash the locks and left notes at the houses he stole from, saying he was drug addicted and apologising for his conduct.

Mr Slack told the court police found Moore at a campsite in the bushland of Eerwah Vale on August 6, last year.

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"When he saw police, he attempted to evade them," he said.

"He got into his car and accelerated at speed, forcing one police officer to jump out the way to avoid being hit."

Moore then fled on foot, but was intercepted by police after a significant struggle.

The court heard police found most of the stolen property at the campsite but half of the Canadian and Australian money wasn't recovered.

They also found a red motorbike that had been stolen from Victoria.

Moore pleaded guilty by videolink in Maroochydore District Court on Friday to multiple charges including dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and enter premises and commit indictable offence.

Moore has spent 423 days in custody.

Barrister Scott Neaves said Moore would be extradited to Victoria when he was released as there were six wanted warrants for him there.

"It's not said that my client had some sophisticated mechanism for knowing that this was a targeted house with a lot of value," he said.

The court heard Moore had been completing drug courses in jail and wanted to change.

"He's a person who has genuine prospects for rehabilitation," Mr Neaves said.

Judge Gary Long said it was clear there was a drug addiction problem when Moore committed the offences.

"He seem to be pretty organised in what he did," he said.

"The seriousness of using a vehicle as such a weapon directed at another person, let alone a police officer is a serious matter."

Mr Long said he could see Moore was taking steps to rehabilitate himself.

"You are motivated to do something about the issues that have driven the offending," he said.

Moore was sentenced to four years and three months jail, wholly suspended for five years after serving 15 months.