Kevin Walters wants to coach at NRL level with the Broncos. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)
Kevin Walters wants to coach at NRL level with the Broncos. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

‘There’s no job at the Broncos’: Walters hoses down rumours

KEVIN Walters wants to coach the Broncos, he has made no secret of that fact.

And while the whispers that Wayne Bennett will link up with a Sydney club as early as 2019 are getting louder by the day, Walters has yet to formally express his desire to take the reins at Red Hill.

"No I haven't had any communication with the Broncos, I'm still contracted with the Queensland Rugby League," Walters told Queenslanders Only host Hannah Hollis.

"As far as I see it, there is no job at the Broncos next year. Wayne Bennett has a contract to coach there next year, unless that changes my opinions not going to change."

Of course, that doesn't mean he's not keeping abreast of the drama Brisbane is now engulfed in, with the relationship breakdown between CEO Paul White and Bennett.

He is all too aware that Bennett may be forced out early, and he's keeping tabs on his competition too.

"There's uncertainty around Wayne Bennett. I'm sure Wayne has a plan about what he wants to do in the next couple of years," he continued.

"Obviously his priority would be to stay at the Broncos and he has got a contract there next year.

"So until that gets resolved I don't see much point in all the speculation... Anthony Seibold's another one whose name has been thrown up there to coach the Broncos and Anthony's even said, 'Well, I can't comment really because I'm going to finish the year off and go look at next year, next year basically'."

In a move sure to be favourably looked upon by the Broncos' powerbrokers, Walters also backed the under-fire board.

"I think what we need to appreciate and respect is that Paul White and the Broncos board are trying to do what's best for the Broncos, not what's best for Wayne Bennett," he said.

"Now they got Wayne Bennett back in 2015 and it was a terrific move I thought from the Broncos, we got through to the grand final in 15.

"Is that still going to work for them in the next couple of years? Well that's a decision that the board will make and you've got to trust and respect that they'll come up with the right decision for the Broncos."

Billy Moore believes Walters, who played 241 games for the Broncos, has proven himself to be the right man to succeed Bennett.

"All these names are being thrown around, I personally believe the No.1 cab off the rank should be you," he told Walters.

"When you think about Origin, you won two series, you've gone in this year and no coach has had to go through a transition period like you did.

"The vacuum created with the players that left, that weren't available, you were able to steer them through."