Is there a ghost in this video?

IS THERE something paranormal going on in this video? Chris Mitchell-Clare seems to think so.

In a video he's shared around on Facebook, Mr Mitchell-Clare has said there's something fishy going on at the very beginning of the footage which he took from his security system at his Sunshine Beach home.

"What happened was I went into my workshop yesterday morning to check a couple things and noticed the single gate was open on the security camera," he said.

"I went to ask around the family if they closed it and locked it the night before, they all said yes, so I questioned the camera, checked outside and the gate was open.

"My instinctive feeling was to check for footage in case anyone entered the property at night as we have had some slow drive-bys lately, I checked through all the footage and saw this within a few minutes, I called to my mother who I live with as she uses upstairs and I use downstairs in our property here, and said, check this out, within a matter of seconds the gate just bursts open without even swinging and you can clearly see no swinging movement of the gate.

"I said to her I'm putting it straight on Facebook, so I copied it to a shared folder I had on the network and uploaded it using my laptop - it's raw unedited footage.

"During the split second of interference what looks like a child pushing the gate open for a split second but not being there a split second before or even a split second after."

The interference can be seen at the very start of the clip, within the first half-a-second, but has been met with doubt from others who claim the clip is a fake because one of the time stamps says a different date and the video skips forward four hours after the glitch.

Mr Mitchell-Clare has defended the footage though saying it is legitimate.

"Some people have been getting confused with the time stamps on it," he said.

"The one on the top right is actually on the camera's software itself. This honestly I never setup myself so it hasn't been touched. When the cameras were installed they were integrated with a DVR which is the time stamp in the top left, which is the one I refer to, as each camera is named through the DVR for future reference.

"If you're skeptical then that's your decision, but to me, I've seen to believe that this is just something most cannot explain."

He said there was rumours from high school students that a person had died in his house many years ago, but he didn't know how true those stories were.

"I've only been living in this place for the last year and my security cameras have picked up strange things happening so I was suspicious when I saw the footage and what looked like a kid standing at the end holding it."