Women break their silence over the NRL’s leaked sex tapes.
Women break their silence over the NRL’s leaked sex tapes.

‘Stop videoing’: Women in NRL sex tapes break silence

The NRL is still reeling from its off-season from hell and now an explosive interview is set to blow one of the latest scandals sky high.

Disturbing images circulated on social media showing the feet of two different people on the head of a woman with a sickening caption that said: "Boot the s**t".

The shocking scenes left the NRL once again red faced as the scandals involving several star players continued to pile up.

Now an explosive interview, set to air on Channel 7's Sunday Night, will plunge the league into further darkness.

Several women have come forward and broken their silence over the horrific videos that filtered throughout social media.

In a preview clip released ahead of the airing, one woman details how she "yelled out stop videoing" while another reveals she was threatened with jail because the players "didn't want this to be exposed".

Several women break their silence over the NRL’s leaked sex tapes.
Several women break their silence over the NRL’s leaked sex tapes.

The shocking tapes have painted the NRL in an ugly light and become the biggest talking point in the lead up to the 2019 season.

Players past and present have condemned the acts of those involved, with Willie Mason calling for the league to "get rid of all them d***heads".

One exchange from the interview reveals how a player would show pictures of his teammates for her to choose who would be involved in group sexual activities. He would then choreograph the acts.

Sunday night reporter Steve Pennells asks one of the women who has come forward to speak out what she thinks she was to the player and her response is damning.

"An object," the woman responds.

"Just a toy among his friends. So - to show off with because look what I can bring back to all the guys. Look what that chick's going to do."

A media release ahead of the interview being aired details how a "grubby undercurrent of misogyny" exists in both of Australia's biggest codes.

"It's been the summer of shame for our footballers. During the season, they're lauded as Gods but once the weather gets warmer and there are no more games to play, they raise Hell," the release read.

"There's the boozing, the violence and the sex videos … scandal follows scandal.

"You only need to peek behind the facade of professional football and you'll find a grubby undercurrent of misogyny and male entitlement. And this toxic culture is rampant in both of Australia's biggest footy codes - the AFL and the NRL.

"Players are often forced to front up to the cameras when they misbehave but we rarely hear from the women.

"In this Sunday Night investigation, Steve Pennells speaks to the groupies and the WAGS at the centre of this warped world. And they're ready to lift the lid on what goes on behind locker room doors."

The full interview will air on Channel 7's Sunday Night at 8:30pm AEDT.