TANGLE: KSS   Jets' Jacob Lynch runs with the ball with The Waves' Sam Meyer in hot pursuit.
TANGLE: KSS Jets' Jacob Lynch runs with the ball with The Waves' Sam Meyer in hot pursuit. Brian Cassidy

The Waves soar past Jets to remain at top

FOOTBALL: The Waves coach John Brillante says any one of about six sides could win this year's Wide Bay Premier League, including Saturday's rivals the KSS Jets.

But his side remains the team on top after the latest round.

The Waves defeated the Jets 3-1 at ATW Grounds after taking control in the second half.

The Jets opened the scoring through a penalty in the 22nd minute before The Waves' Sam Meyer equalised before half time.

The Waves then sealed the game though a goal by Hayden Lobegeier in the 61st minute before their captain Callum Hillier sealed the game in the 90th minute.

"The Jets dominated the first half, had the ball in the park and just couldn't, didn't penetrate the goal,” Brillante said.

"We did a lot on the counter-attack.

"We turned it around in the second half and hunted them down with possession and they were on the counter-attack.”

Brillante admitted the game turned around as their fitness helped them take over.

But another area was targeted to make sure The Waves got on top in the contest.

"We gave them too much respect, too much time on the ball,” Brillante said.

"We made sure we pressured them.

"It (fitness) showed our team can sustain a level and finish games well.”

The coach isn't resting on his laurels and firmly believes the side will need to keep improving as the season goes on.

"The competition is pretty open,” he said.

"Any one of us - the Jets, (Brothers Aston) Villa, UPE or Sunbury - could win.

"Half the competition is still in it and teams have games in hand to catch up to us.”

The side plays the Wide Bay Buccaneers this Saturday at 6pm with Brillante wary of what the team can do.

The match is at the Fraser Coast Sporting Precinct.