THE SHED: Alex Gasparich is helping local musicians.
THE SHED: Alex Gasparich is helping local musicians. Mike Knott BUN090119SHED1

The Shed a home for original music

FOR aspiring Bundaberg musicians and entertainers, there's a new place they can call home - The Shed.

An underground music hub for performers of all genres, The Shed is a recently established site in East Bundaberg were creativity and live entertainment meet.

Organised by Alex Gasparich and Kellie Bringnull several months ago, they have already had about 15 bands play and while it's only early days, there's big plans for the former laundromat.

Gasparich said what they wanted was a community space where musicians and music enthusiasts alike could meet and enjoy live entertainment.

THE SHED: Alex Gasparich.
THE SHED: Alex Gasparich. Mike Knott BUN090119SHED4

He said by opening every second Sunday afternoon of the month, they hoped to appeal to a wide demographic, from young musos to families and touring artists.

While alternative rock is a popular sound coming from The Shed, there are no restrictions on acts.

Gasparich said they'd held an open night which saw a solo drum act, stand-up comedy and rap grace the stage.

He said the idea behind the afternoon gig stemmed from wanting a venue where all ages were welcome.

THE SHED: Alex Gasparich.
THE SHED: Alex Gasparich. Mike Knott BUN090119SHED6

For Gasparich, music has been part of his life for some time; learning how to play the piano from around the age of five and the drums when he was a teenager, he said he knew how hard it was in the music scene.

Having toured from Cairns to Melbourne, he said life on the road could be unpredictable and every penny counted, which is why proceeds from the cover charge went to the bands.

For himself in the music industry it's been a "DIY attitude” and The Shed was the next step for Gasparich.

"Started with nothing and we're doing alright,” he said.

With art walls popping up around town and events like Riverfeast, Gasparich said: "I like to think Bundaberg is waking up to cultural diversity”.

He said one of the important things to realise was "just because they are local doesn't mean they aren't good”.

Most of people's favourite bands started small.

THE SHED: Alex Gasparich.
THE SHED: Alex Gasparich. Mike Knott BUN090119SHED7

He said everyone had to start somewhere and while there was still sound-proofing to be done to The Shed, there were hopes in the future to offer the space as a practice space, provide music lessons, recordings and help up-coming artists with the does and don'ts of booking gigs.

But no matter how it grows, he said they don't want to loose sight of the Sunday gigs for everyone and a rotation of acts.

If you're looking to check out some local music this Sunday, head down to The Shed at 41a Princess Street.

All ages are welcome. Entry is $10. For more go to The Shed's Facebook page.