Two men died on Saturday at a transport business at Sarina Beach Rd.
Two men died on Saturday at a transport business at Sarina Beach Rd. Campbell Gellie

'The saddest little town': Sarina shattered by tragedy

We are a small community between the Range and sea

And often we are judged as not the coolest place to be.

But I am extremely proud to be, a local in this town,

There's really no better place, to be when chips are down.

We've battled floods and cyclones and all that nature throws,

And our town just pulls together during all the highs and lows.

Well today Lord, is the lowest we've been for quite a while,

You've taken Two of our best, best by a country mile.

Two nicer gentlemen, you would be hard pressed to find,

Country men through and through so thoughtful and so kind.

And we can't make head nor tail of it, we're hurting and we're down,

Sarina at the moment is the saddest little town. We may not be strong in numbers, but we are strong in faith and heart

And as we sit tears falling, we may just fall apart.

We can no longer fathom, the hows, the what's the why's,

But you know this town will rally, for the families of these guys.

So if there's trucks in heaven, it's just made its greatest score,

You'll never find better workers gracing your front door.

Our thoughts and prayers go with you as we have to say goodbye,

And just hope the trucks keep running, up there in the sky.

*A poem by Sarina resident Vicky Crichton