ABUSING Muslims is not racism, the geniuses at Patriot Blue say.

Why? Because Islam is not a race!

These white nationalist numpties parrot that line as though they're Descartes pronouncing "I think, therefore I am".

In a video that surfaced yesterday, the Blue boys pranced around Labor Senator Sam Dastyari at a pub calling him a monkey and saying he should go back to Iran. They called him a terrorist.

Politicians from across the spectrum rightly denounced these guys as a racist idiots.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said Senator Dastyari kept his cool.

"But, you know, what is this country coming to when you can't go out and have a meal without being abused by idiots and by racist idiots?" he asked.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said racial vilification had "no place" in Australia.

"We are the most successful multicultural society in the world and that is because it's built, our society is built, on a foundation of mutual respect and so we should have zero tolerance for racism and racial, racist abuse like that," he said.

(The exception was One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson, who in a dazzling display of intelligence said that Senator Dastyari looked like Mr Bean).

Sam Dastyari copped racist taunts in a Melbourne Pub in a video posted to Facebook by the far right group 'Patriot Blue'. (Pic: Facebook.)
Sam Dastyari copped racist taunts in a Melbourne Pub in a video posted to Facebook by the far right group 'Patriot Blue'. (Pic: Facebook.)

The face of Patriot Blue, Neil Erikson, came out crowing.

"What a sook, what a sook. What's racist about what we said?" he asked on radio.

He babbled something about how calling people monkeys was not racist as long as you don't use it against "dark-skinned people", and said he was likening Senator Dastyari to a pickpocketing Thai monkey.

And, of course, his argument is that it's not racist to insult Muslims because Islam is not a race, it's a religion.

Bigots like him recite that line as though it's a light bulb moment, when the truth is it's a line that is only used by the extremely dim.

True, Islam is not a "race". Neither is "black".

Maybe the white nationalists have hunted back through anthropological history and are still distinguishing people on the basis of being caucasian, Mongoloid, or Negroid. But I doubt it.

Patriot Blue ringleader Neil Erikson. (Pic: Facebook.)
Patriot Blue ringleader Neil Erikson. (Pic: Facebook.)

Racists believe that people who are different to them are inferior. The way racism plays out is abuse towards someone because they are a different colour, or maybe they wear a headscarf, or a cross around their neck.

It comes from the fear and hatred of something different. Islamophobia comes from the same nasty little part of the brain that racism does. The bigot duct.

These nationalists are gleefully deluded if they think the "Islam is a religion" line gets them off the hook for racism. Especially when it's accompanied by talk of monkeys and going back to where you came from.

Mr Erikson does not even believe his own definition of racism, later saying: "(Senator Dastyari) called me a redneck which is actually a racist slur against white people."

To recap: White nationalist runs white nationalist group and calls someone a monkey and a terrorist and then says he's not racist because Islam is not a race but redneck is a race.

As Labor MP Tim Watts succinctly said: "What race is dickhead?"