Jolene Ejmont at the Most Colourful Markets in Vietnam, the famous Bac Ha Market!
Jolene Ejmont at the Most Colourful Markets in Vietnam, the famous Bac Ha Market!

The most Colourful Vietnam Markets | Bac Ha Market!

Take a trip with Wanderlust Storytellers, Jolene and Andrzej, to the most colourful markets that Vietnam has to offer.

Bac Ha market has left a mark in my mind. Not only because of the Vietnamese friendly people, but for all the goodies that you can try and taste here. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to see it and to be a part of it, even if just for a day. - Andrzej.

Markets around the world differ from each other somewhat. Australian markets, such as our local ones like Eumundi Markets, Fishermans Road Markets or the Ocean Street night markets have quite a lot on offer.

These market's main focus is on the fresh produce from surrounding farmlands and on food stoles with variety of international cuisine. You can also find designer clothes, various art, plenty of choices of souvenirs and even live music. Pretty awesome if you ask me!

And what better way to explore the culture of the country than through those special places called markets. This is where people gather to sell what they make or grow. This is where grownups and kids alike wonder around with happy faces.

Jolene and Andrzej love visiting markets in the countries that they venture out to and they always bring something back.

Together with million photos and stories to tell to us, the readers, they always purchase some souvenirs to decorate the house. They Loved Vietnam Bac Ha Markets and it is obvious to see in their stories.

I have been to many markets in my life, but I have never been to the one quite like this. Vietnam markets are different.

Vietnam markets are special. Why? It is because some of the markets in Vietnam explode with colour. Local minority groups walk far, to be able to show and sell the things that they make.

From delicious and famous Vietnamese food, to live cattle and other live stock. From colourful household items, to traditional intricately made clothing. From souvenirs for tourists to the essentials for everyday life.

There is everything here. Bac Ha Market, you are the most colourful of Vietnam markets that I have ever been to, and I loved it!

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