Mackay has a number of rising Instagram stars, and they all have four legs.
Mackay has a number of rising Instagram stars, and they all have four legs. blanscape

The four-legged Instagram stars with more followers than you

ARE these pets more insta-famous than you?

Some of these Mackay animals have thousands of followers and possibly more likes on a single photo than you've ever had combined.

But don't feel bad, you really can't compare a picture of a cute puppy wearing a sweater to your latest post about what you ate for breakfast...the puppy will always win.

From dogs wearing sunglasses to cats lounging in the sun, we've tracked down some of Mackay's most influential pet accounts.

If you haven't already discovered these rising Insta stars, this is your chance to hit follow.

1. @oreo.frankie.lola

With 5227 followers and on average 1000 likes for each post, this trio was an easy choice for our number one profile.

Oreo, Frankie and Lola are an English Cocker Spaniel trio based in Mackay.

They might look like a royal bunch, but they are not afraid to get their noses dirty and are frequently found playing at the beach, in the yard or with a stuffed toy.

Good things come in threes, they say.

2. @oscar.the.choc.lab

Oscar might only be four years old, but he already has a whopping 9845 followers.

It's no surprise he is a popular pooch, he takes a great photo and loves sharing his adventures with the world.

Oscar's favourite activity of all is munching on a stuffed toy, the more fluff the better.

3. @winstondalmatian

"Dalmatian, single - into b----es".

Winston might only be two years old but he's got quite a personality.

As his profile explains, he is single and looking for a mate. With nearly 1200 followers, we suspect he won't have to wait too much longer to find one.

Winston loves the outdoors and has been spotted at the beach, on a jet-ski and in the back of a ute.

4. @bubbles_the_majestic_tux

Could Bubbles be Mackay's version of Grumpy Cat?

By the look of some of her photos, it's definitely possible.

Bubbles is one "queen b" you don't want to mess with. As her profile explains she is a three-year-old tuxedo cat who loves food and has a short temper.

With 870 followers, it looks as though Bubbles receives a lot of attention and more than 100 likes on every post - not that she needs your validation.

5. @frankthekindydog

Frank is a French bulldog x pug who is just living the "frug life".

With 1800 followers, he is an extra special Mackay pet who might just have more friends in real life than he does on Instagram.

Everyday Frank attends kindergarten with his owner and is a great companion to the kids in his class.

He has even been spotted at school discos and is quite partial to arts and crafts.

Check out his groovy friendship bracelet, made at kindy of course.

6. @steve_cool_chihuahua

"Little man living large like #biggysmalls".

Steve is not your average chihuahua. He may be small, but he has a big heart and an ever bigger street cred.

With nearly 3000 followers he must be doing something right - we think it's the cute photos wearing sunglasses and playing dress up.

7. @sleekandlola

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Furrryyy 💜

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Sleek and Lola are two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels from Mackay.

It's not easy to get a photo where you both look good, but these two manage to pull it off like a pair of models.

Judging from their profile, Sleek and Lola love sleeping, adventures and hanging out with their owners.

They aren't shy in front of the camera either.

8. @catsbonnieandclyde

This brother and sister pair enjoy playing and sleeping in the tropical Whitsundays.

If you love cats, Bonnie and Clyde's profile is full of cute pictures to ogle over.

Think cats lounging, cats stretching and cats sleeping, among other cat-friendly activities.

9. @adventures_with_narlah

This three-year-old Huskamute is big, fluffy and adorable.

With more than 500 followers, Narlah is quite a photogenic pooch with a love of the outdoors.

The best part about this profile is we get to see Narlah grow up over the years.

Her puppy photos are to die for.

10. pippy_adventures

Pippy might just be the most adventurous dog in Mackay.

From trips to Bunnings, walks on the beach, playing in the surf or hanging out on the boat, Pippy sure has the life.

We love the variety of this profile, and with more than 1300 followers, it looks like everyone else does too.

Are there any amazing Mackay pets we have missed? Let us know.