4.5kg of rubbish was picked up by Discovery Coast Environment Group.
4.5kg of rubbish was picked up by Discovery Coast Environment Group. Contributed

Staggering amount of rubbish picked up at Agnes beach

VOLUNTEERS have been hard at work helping to beautify Agnes Water, taking part in the Discovery Coast Environment Group's beach clean-up on Monday.

Four-and-a-half kilograms of rubbish was collected from the Tom Jeffery Park and the top of Main beach.

Following a busy New Year period, President of the Discovery Coast Environment Group, Amber Walker said she was disappointed with the rubbish left behind.

"(We picked up) mainly new year's litter this time, bottles and such," she said.

"As you carry your stuff down it can easily be taken back with you and put in the bins," she said.

"Council have provided a good amount of bins in the park and they are maintained as well."

The rubbish collected as part of the clean-up will be sorted and entered into the Tangaroa Blue database.

It's an Australian marine debris database that allows volunteers and organisations running clean-up events to collect data on what has been found.

The data is then collated into a national standardised database.

Amber said residents who wished to pick up rubbish while out and about could get involved using the app.

She said other than that, locals and tourists can contribute to the cleanliness of Agnes Water and 1770 by simply cleaning up after themselves.

"If you take it to the beach, it should go home with you," she said. "Be aware of the impact you are having on the environment but also others."

The Discovery Coast Environment group are running another beach clean-up on January 25 as well as their annual general meeting.