Canadian country music band The Dungarees are one of this year's international headliners at The Gympie Muster.
Canadian country music band The Dungarees are one of this year's international headliners at The Gympie Muster.

The Dungarees are Muster-bound with new music

THE Dungarees don't follow the music industry's traditional model of write, record, tour and repeat.

The Canadian country music band writes and records songs where they see fit, releasing them as one-off singles rather than stockpiling them for a full album.

"We don't' have to go into the studio and feel the pressure to record a 12-song album," singer and bassist James Murdoch says. "If we're feeling like we want to track a tune we can go in and do one or two songs, and the turn around time is really fast too. If things go smoothly we can return that in two months' time."

But they've made an exception for their Australian fans.

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The four-piece is in the country this week for the Gympie Muster, plus a few sideshows, and they're releasing a limited edition EP just for locals.

"It's funny how we release music. We haven't put out albums except when we go on tour in Australia," Murdoch says. "Just last week I pressed go on the order for a limited run out there, which has some new material including Twenty Something and it will only be available in Australia.

"People seem to consume music in a different way there compared to here... people there want a physical copy.

"There will be a couple songs that haven't been released at all except for this CD. Expect two or three songs people haven't heard before."

The Dungarees hope their third visit to our shores in just 18 months will be a productive one, with plans to collaborate with Andrew Farriss of INXS fame at his home studio.

Murdoch "wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility" for Farriss to jump on stage during the band's Muster shows.

"We met him at the Golden Guitars two years ago and we seem to b e on the same page musically," he says.

"We've thrown some demos back and forth over the internet, but there's nothing like being in a room with somebody to talk through stuff.

"We certainly hoping whatever comes out of it is something we can release."

Expect to see the musicians, who hail from Alberta, soaking up the sights and sounds of the Muster. They will play shows daily from Thursday through Saturday.

"The location is one of the things people are talking about," Murdoch says. "A lot of people are talking about how the fans are there - that they're dedicated to seeing country music and that's why they make the trek all the way out there. If people are willing to put the effort in, then that means they're die-hard fans."