DRUG DRIVER: Daniel Walter Knoessl was ordered to pay $1400 and serve six months parole.
DRUG DRIVER: Daniel Walter Knoessl was ordered to pay $1400 and serve six months parole. contributed

'The drugs were gifts': Drug driver dodges jail

THEY say sharing is caring, but that saying doesn't apply to the possession and use of illegal drugs.

For Daniel Walter Knoessl, who claimed his drugs were a "gift for personal use” and his four glass pipes were for friends to use, no one was buying the claim and he ended up with more than $1000 in fines and six months on parole.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Grant Klassen told Bundaberg Magistrates Court that Knoessl had been found with a single-handle flick knife in his pocket on November 1 when police searched his car.

"He said it was for his own protection,” Sen Const Klassen said.

Just two days later police searched Knoessl's home and found 21.7g marijuana, 1.24g meth, .1g MDMA and .1g iodine powder.

Along with some used pipes and scales, officers found four more pipes which Knoessl said were for "friends if they came over” and the drugs were "gifts”.

On January 4 and 5, Knoessl tested positive for meth and marijuana, when police conducted a roadside drug test.

Defence lawyer Nick Larter said his client had only had three drug offences over three years.

Magistrate Neil Lavaring agreed that while Knoessl had similar history of offending, the quantities of drugs found were on low side.

"We can't let the history overtake the current offences,” Mr Lavaring said.

But Mr Lavaring warned Knoessl that "further offending that is drug related will put you in custody”.

Mr Lavaring said Knoessl had a drug charge from November and "also two drug drives not that long ago”.

"Not one, but two ... you have real problems to get over ... you know what could happen to you today or in the future and your history puts you at a high risk of that.”

For the drug-driving offences, Knoessl was sentenced to six months' imprisonment with immediate parole.

Knoessl was ordered to pay $1400 in fines.