Thais grieve following death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej

An OUTPOURING of grief has continued in Thailand following the news the longest-reigning monarch in the world died yesterday.

Visitors to the country can also expect a restriction on entertainment for a 30-day period, as a sign of respect for the dead king.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej, aged 88, died in a Bangkok hospital following a long illness.

Thais across the country expressed their grief as the news broke last night. Hotel worker Parnnapas Boonyarit, 33, said her sadness was overwhelming after hearing the news from a friend.

She will don dark clothes, when not in her work uniform, for one month to mark her grief.

The official mourning period will last a year.

"People loved him - he was number one in Thailand. I think about everyone. The Thai people are so sad. Everyone not like people to die, we wanted him to be with us for a long time," Ms Boonyarit said.

"I love him. He will stay in my heart and stay in the Thai people's hearts for a long time."

There is also a restriction on entertainment for a 30-day period and tourists can expect to see some changes to schedules and closures across the country.

British tourists are being encouraged by their government to wear modest clothes as a sign of respect during their visits.

One hotel in Patong stopped broadcasting some television channels overnight as a sign of respect for the dead king.

King Adulyadej was considered a unifying figure that brought a long period of stability and economic prosperity to the south-east Asian country. His reign lasted 70 years, making him the longest-serving monarch in the world.