Tony Rodgers/The Daily

Terror suspects dual citizenship debate rages in parliament

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has accused Labor of wanting to roll out the red carpet to welcome home terrorists who have been fighting overseas.

The accusation came after Labor expressed concerns about the government's proposed plan to strip terror suspects who are dual nationals of their Australian citizenship.

The plan would see the Immigration Minister given powers to strip the citizenship of dual nationals even if they had not been convicted of a criminal offence.

It is understood the controversial plan has divided Cabinet after the legal fraternity said the legislation's validity could be challenged in the High Court.

The government has continually refused to release details of the proposed legislation.

Mr Abbott repeated the comment during question time on Thursday saying the government's stance on the matter was very clear.

"If you are a dual citizen and you leave Australia to fight for a terrorist army we never want you back," he said

"If you are a dual citizen and you leave Australia to fight for a terrorist army you have committed the modern form of treason and we will strip you of your citizenship."

Opposition Immigration spokesman Richard Marles earlier called on the government to release details of the legislation.

"This is hopeless, this is a hopeless way of going about our nation's security," he said.

"This government is scrapping over this legislation like kids in a schoolyard."

Mr Abbott confirmed to reporters in Canberra the proposed citizenship legislation would be presented to the Coalition party room on Tuesday and tabled in parliament following that.