Daria Gavrilova was a guest quizmaster on HYBPA.
Daria Gavrilova was a guest quizmaster on HYBPA.

Tennis star’s hilarious TV show cameo

Have You Been Paying Attention fans have demanded that tennis star Daria Gavrilova appear on the show every week after an "iconic" guest spot in last night's episode.

Gavrilova, 26, was born in Russia before emigrating to Australia in 2014 and is currently in training for the US Open which begins next month.

The athlete was a guest quizmaster on last night's episode and stole the show with her deadpan expression and her refusal to accept anything but the full answer from the panellists.

Daria Gavrilova was hilarious on HYBPA.
Daria Gavrilova was hilarious on HYBPA.

As one of her questions, Gavrilova asked the contestants: "The AFL match between Essendon and Melbourne had to be postponed on Sunday. Why?"

"One of the players got COVID-19," Sam Pang answered.

"What player?" Gavrilova replied.

"You really want all the answer, don't you, Daria," Pang said, before locking in Conor McKenna as his answer.

But Gavrilova still wasn't satisfied and pressed Pang for more information: "And where is he originally from?"

"He is from Ireland," Pang replied. "What else would you like to know about him, Daria?"



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In another amusing exchange, Gavrilova threw to a clip from a recent premier league football match and asked the panellists why the moment was "controversial".

Ed Kavalee buzzed in and correctly answered the question, but Gavrilova didn't react.

It prompted host Tom Gleisner to ask the tennis star: "Not happy with that one, Daria?"

Gavrilova bluntly replied, "I don't even know what's happening right now," as the panellists erupted in laugher.

Viewers praised Gavrilova for her hilarious response and suggested she should fill in as host if Gleisner is ever unable to perform his duties.












Have You Been Paying Attention? airs on Monday nights at 8.40pm on Channel 10

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