Teen busted driving unregistered V8 to ‘take someone home’

A TEENAGER was caught driving a high-powered defective motor vehicle with incorrect number plates as he tried to do "something nice" by driving someone home.

Mackenzie John Ralphs, 18, pleaded guilty on August 11 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to charges of driving a motor vehicle with incorrect number plates and driving unregistered and uninsured.

The vehicle was also defective and Ralphs was a P1 licence holder under 25-years-old driving a V8.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox said police observed the 1994 Ford Fairlane V8 on Main St, stop at an intersection with the engine running, turn the car lights on and eventually turn onto Farrell St.

He said checks revealed the number plates belonged to a Ford ute, not a Fairlane, and the vehicle registration had been cancelled in 2017.

Mr Fox said police also found many defects on the vehicle including guards detached and two loose spare tyres in the boot.

Ralphs told the court he was driving someone home as police had attended his house to deal with the issue.

"I was trying to be nice," he said.

Ralphs said the vehicle was not his, just one of the vehicles kept at his house.

He said he had been working until COVID-19.

Ralphs was fined $500 for all charges and no convictions were recorded.