Matt's beard: Before and after.
Matt's beard: Before and after.

The tale of Matt and how he lost his bushy red beard

ONCE upon a time there was a young man named, Matt.

Matt worked at Wide Bay Volunteers, supporting the community with the help of his staff in the IT department.

It wasn't the amazing work Matt did or even his friendly, outgoing personality that he was remembered for; no it was beard, his very bushy, very red beard.

It was like it had a life of its own, a gentle breeze would blow and it would almost wave hello as you walked on by.

The sight of the friendly, overly grown out beard could never fail to bring a smile to ones face but as of November 30, he will be no more.

Why? How could anyone remove that influential member of staff?

For charity.

Specifically for the Movemeber Foundation.

"The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier, longer lives," he said.

"Since 2003, millions have joined the men's health movement, raising $685 million and funding over 1000 projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.

"Goodbye Red Beard, we will sincerely miss you, but you have gone to a better place."