TACKY OR NOT? Where do you stand on wedding gift debate?

YOU have been invited to someone's beautiful dream wedding.

The invitation arrives and - like so many - it includes a sweet little poem to guide you on what to bring, what to give and whether children are allowed.

Y'know, the usual, right?

So how did this bride manage to deliver a poem so offensive that it is now dividing a whole bunch of internet mums?
As with so many of these things, it's about money.

In the little ditty the bride explains to would-be guests:

"Please no children, we hope you understand, our wedding day might get quite out of hand, please do rock up to the evening do, and helping out with the honeymoon would be so kind of you."

The writer on UK forum MumsNet writes: "Sooo - whole family not invited, not important enough to come to the wedding itself, but please do still help pay for our honeymoon."

"I don't know why it narks me so much.

I'm not bothered about wedding lists or where you just bring a present or drop some money into a box, so why does asking to contribute to the honeymoon annoy me so much?

Am I being unreasonable?"

And the comments are coming thick and fast.

"I hate this too. I just took a bottle of champagne as a gift the last time I was asked to contribute to someone's honeymoon," writes one.

"I think its really tacky to ask for money and the poems are beyond hideous," says another.

"I don't have a problem with gifting cash, nor the couple having a preference for cash gifts.I do have a problem with gift requests of any kind with an invitation. And the poems are truly dreadful."

While the community is divided over whether the request is tacky or practical everyone agrees on one thing: the poem was garbage.