Tablets driving us digital

SMART phones may be more pervasive, but it is tablet computers such as Apple's iPad that are having a more profound impact in driving consumers into the digital world, according to a survey by mobile ad network InMobi.

''Shopping on tablets is higher than smartphones and is the preferred device when looking to transact,'' the firm said of the global survey that included more than 630 Australians.

The adoption of tablets is expected to add to the decline of traditional retail, with the research showing 16per cent of tablet owners had shopped less in a bricks-and-mortar store, 31 per cent read fewer paper books and 28 per cent read less print generally.

''In terms of growth, this is the area where tablet usage will start to explode in Australia as local retailers and publishers start to build out their tablet-specific experiences,'' InMobi said.

But tablets will play an important role in traditional stores too.