Bundaberg BEC manager Marcus McCormick.
Bundaberg BEC manager Marcus McCormick.

Support at hand in crisis

RECENT measures have been implemented by the Federal Government to assist the business community of Australia.

As a result of the global health crisis, the economy is expected to face what is one of the most unprecedented times in history.

Bundaberg’s Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) manager Marcus McCormick said free advice will be offered to assist local businesses.

“It’s a very challenging time for business and they will be facing some pretty significant changes that will impact what the future looks like,” Mr McCormick said.

“We want to offer business owners as much support as possible to assist with these really important decisions and to help determine the best way moving forward.”

BEC are also creating weekly check-in sessions that offer the business community an opportunity to come together as a group.

“We will open up one of our webinar rooms for businesses to give us updates on where they’re at,” Mr McCormick said.

“It will be a place where they can raise the challenges they are facing or voice their needs and then if we can’t assist them directly, we can go do our research to find the answers and support they need to get through.”

Mr McCormick said BEC was working alongside other organisations to determine the best way moving forward in helping local businesses.

He encouraged businesses to use their social media platforms and online store and asked residents to continue supporting Bundaberg’s business community.

The Federal Government has also initiated support measures to assist businesses that are impacted by COVID-19, including:
• Increased instant asset write-off
• Accelerated depreciation deduction
• Boosting cashflow for employers
• Supporting apprentices and trainees
• Increased and accelerated income support
• SME guarantee scheme
• Early access to superannuation
• Tax support
• Queensland COVID-19 jobs support loans
• Payroll tax relief package
• Market diversification and resilience grants
• Mentoring sessions
• Financial workshops

For more information or to access support for your business, visit bundabergbec.org.au or phone 1300 249 482.