Coles supermarket.
Coles supermarket. David Nielsen

Supermarkets at war as Coles discounts three key products

IN a fresh attack on rival Woolworths, Coles is cutting the price of three key grocery-selling brands.

It comes a week after Woolworths claimed it was cheaper than Coles.

In response, Coles has cut the price of Kleenex, Sunrice and Colgate products, potentially igniting a new wave of supermarket warfare.

Fairfax reports that Coles and Woolies each cut the price of roast chicken in January in an effort to stem the tide of consumers disappearing to Aldi.

Last weekend, as Woolwoorths' new chief Brad Banducci announced the company results, he claimed it had been cheaper than coles for "more than six months".

The two grocery giants are desperate to spruik their low prices, with Woolworths running its "Low Price Always" campaign since October, and Coles sticking with its "every day value" discounts.