News 31.10.19 AUS Paradise Dam at Coringa QLD. Pic John Wilson
News 31.10.19 AUS Paradise Dam at Coringa QLD. Pic John Wilson

SunWater explains red tape for report access

SUNWATER has spoken out about nine documents requested on behalf of US engineering expert, Dr Paul Rizzo, in order to provide clarity and context behind its stringent viewing stipulations.

In February, SunWater told Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers they could have conditional access to some documents which required Dr Rizzo to view the reports in person.

Having already left the country, the cost would be left to irrigators to fund Dr Rizzo’s return. BFVG managing director Bree Grima said they declined their offer and would continue with the RTI process.

A SunWater spokeswoman said BFVG submitted an RTI request for 58 documents.

“Sunwater has a statutory obligation to review all documents requested prior to making a determination on what will be released,” the spokeswoman said.

The spokeswoman said during the RTI process, BFVG sought to get the nine documents, they believe Dr Rizzo requires to complete his work, expedited or removed from the RTI process and provided directly.

“In considering the request and reviewing how access to these nine specific documents could be granted, Sunwater discussed with BFVG whether Dr Rizzo would be returning to Australia and was informed that he would be,” she said.

“We remain committed to assisting Dr Rizzo and would be happy to work with BVFG to find a workable compromise.”

The NewsMail has reached out to BFVG for a response on the matter.